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Anything Goes Happy Hour – Episode #6

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This week’s show will feature interviews and musical performances from the Ryan Seacrest Award winners, Undecided Future, and pop/rock/reggae original, Pilot Touhill, along with an interview with Laguna Beach 2011 Artist of the Year award-winner, Jorg Dubin, and sprinkled throughout with our latest roundup of the World’s Best “Top 6 CV-19 Video Countdown.”

Pilot Touhill

Pilot Touhill falls somewhere between Rock & Pop with Reggae influences. Catchy songs and soulful melodies that are completely honest and unedited like any private journal entry. Pilot captures the essence of reggae while retaining a modern pop songwriting style and holding it down with electronic drum beats

Undecided Future

Undecided Future embodies the DIY mentality of the times, serving as songwriters, performers, music producers and video producers, creating a deeply authentic experience. The “do-it-all” mentality is what makes them stand out, alongside their fearless confidence and love for music as an art form. The final touch in their recipe for success is the hours they spent learning to trust each other on their journey, which allowed them to perfect their craft. Don’t let their name fool you, this group is fully decided on their future’s blessings

Jorg Dubin

Jorg Dubin has had a four decade plus career as a working painter, sculptor, ceramist and a production designer. Dubin studied painting at the Art Institute of Southern California with LA based painter, Stephen Douglas, and sculpture and design with Kris Cox and Richard White. Dubin is currently a mentor and advisor in the MFA program at the Laguna College of Art and Design, where he formerly taught advanced figure painting. He has designed and fabricated over ten public art works and has worked as an art director and production designer on seven films for O entertainment. Jorg is currently a Laguna Beach Planning Commissioner and maintains a painting and sculpture studio in Laguna Beach, CA.

Again, in case you haven’t heard, LBCAC has joined forces with the good folks at, an international live-streaming company owned by members of The Rolling Stones, Springsteen’s Band, Ringo’s Band as well as Stevie Nicks’ Bands. They’ve installed a high-end multi-camera streaming system at our Forest Avenue location to broadcast the highest quality. In order to bring you these shows and to “harness the power of the Arts to benefit the community,” we depend on your generous donations. Please consider giving any small amount today.

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