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Anything Goes Happy Hour – Episode 26

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

This episode was taped on Sunday, October 4th. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to get Clair Rachel Howell’s segment into the show. Please look for it in an upcoming episode.

Watch as we get to know acclaimed actress and singer, Claire Rachel Howell.

The AGHH is LBCAC’s way of providing area residents with a little safe fun in dark times. “Harnessing the power of the ARTS for the benefit of the community,” is their slogan and this Arts/Music centric show does just that by shining a bright light on a few outstanding artists every Sunday.

The AGHH is the LBCAC-TV’s first show and step toward establishing Laguna’s first community TV station.

Clair Rachel Howell

Clair Rachel Howell is a Southern California native born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA! Since graduating from Laguna Beach High School in 2014, Clair has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and most recently New York City, where she graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2018. Since then, Clair has performed multiple engagements at the NYC hotspot 54 Below, has been on a national tour across the United States, made her Off Broadway debut in OCEANBORN, and most recently was spending time on the Disney Fantasy as a Mainstage Performer, that is until the pandemic hit and her contract had an abrupt ending. Since then, Clair has been back in Laguna Beach, reviving her Opera training and staying as positive and creative as possible.

The “Lost Video Footage” has been discovered. We’ll quickly discuss the newly discovered footage of one of Laguna’s most cherished and celebrated weekends and the future of this amazing event.

Again, in case you haven’t heard, LBCAC has joined forces with the good folks at, an international live-streaming company owned by members of The Rolling Stones, Springsteen’s Band, Ringo’s Band as well as Stevie Nicks’ Bands. They’ve installed a high-end multi-camera streaming system at our Forest Avenue location to broadcast the highest quality.

In order to bring you these shows and to “harness the power of the Arts to benefit the community,” we depend on your generous donations. Please consider giving any small amount today.

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