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Anything Goes Happy Hour – Episode 22

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

]We’re sorry to announce that due to technical difficulties, the live stream will not be happening, but the show will go on; just not live. Watch this space in a couple of days for the recorded version of it. In the meantime, why not check out some of our past episodes?

This week’s show “Episode 22” features Lead Singer and guitarist, Jason Feddy, who is currently Laguna Beach Arts Alliance “Artist of The Year.”

We’ll also get to discuss the “Lost Video Footage” of the 2015 Blue Water Music Festival and present a few of this week’s World’s best CV-19 inspired music videos.

The AGHH is LBCAC’s way of providing area residents with a little safe fun in dark times. “Harnessing the power of the ARTS for the benefit of the community,” is their slogan and this Arts/Music centric show does just that by shining a bright light on a few outstanding artists every Sunday.

The AGHH is the LBCAC-TV’s first show and step toward establishing Laguna’s first community TV station.

Jason Feddy

Lead Singer and guitarist, Jason Feddy is currently Laguna Beach Arts Alliance “Artist of The Year.”

Born and raised in Leeds, UK. Jason paid his musical dues in the ’80’s in the working men’s clubs and pubs that have spawned so much British talent.

He is a central figure in the music scene of Laguna Beach, playing at local venues, all three arts festivals, and curating and producing the city’s “Sunset Serenades,” “World Music” and (most recently) “Music in The Park” series of concerts. For 5 years he was the daily morning DJ on Laguna’s local radio station. It was a golden age of radio in Laguna Beach. His show of Shakespeare’s songs and speeches is always fun and well received.

His career has seen him open for Neil Young, Tears For Fears, The Cranberries, John Martyn, Christie Moore, and Joe Cocker + many more.

In 2019, Jason wrote the music and directed the band in comedienne Rita Rudner’s Off-Broadway show “Two’s A Crowd”, in which he also performed original songs. The New York Times wrote that Jason has “Rumpled Charm”!

For all of Jason’s local performances, it is unusual to see him in his default position, as a singer/songwriter of poignant, moving, and sometimes funny original songs, with stories and jokes about his life, love, and career. This British Troubadour holds a crowd in his hand and takes them on a journey. Think of a modern Loudon Wainwright, Randy Newman, or Springsteen.

Again, in case you haven’t heard, LBCAC has joined forces with the good folks at, an international live-streaming company owned by members of The Rolling Stones, Springsteen’s Band, Ringo’s Band as well as Stevie Nicks’ Bands. They’ve installed a high-end multi-camera streaming system at our Forest Avenue location to broadcast the highest quality.

In order to bring you these shows and to “harness the power of the Arts to benefit the community,” we depend on your generous donations. Please consider giving any small amount today.

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