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The Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center is proud to launch our film and audio classes!

You can take a class in either or both courses and get training in modern production techniques taught by great instructors who are a part of the LBCAC family. Read below for info on the classes and to purchase a class package!



Editing Classes - Taught by film producer John Sprague

Learn how to edit, create, design content and film using Adobe CC. Whether you want to edit family videos, become a TikTok sensation, make a film, or just pick up a fun and exciting new hobby this is the perfect course for you!

Learn how to use Primere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Media Encoder.
Upon completion of course all students will have an opportunity to showcase their work at a film festival hosted at the Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center.

Easy to learn, and available in a multitude of formats that suit your learning needs.
Hourly lessons with a skilled editor of a Hollywood production company, all via Zoom so you can learn in the comfort of your own home!
Each class will be accompanied by supplemental video recordings from the Editor reinforcing what was learned.
Access to supplemental footage, and stocks clips.

Looking to become Hollywood's next big sensation, or become your cities go to Editor for all their post production needs? Just looking to have a basic understanding to edit your own content? Want to learn 3D VFX, green screening, CGI? Look no further!
Custom tailored lessons / course based on your individual goals, and ambitions.

Hourly Lesson- $40
Monthly course - Up to Four Lessons Per Week - $600
Six month course - Four lessons per week, up to 5 hours per week (extra hour for free), scheduled with you and the Editor to fit your schedule. Upon completion will have all the skills needed to make a film, design content, edit your photos, etc...from start to finish.

In Person Lesson at LBCAC - To learn editing, how to use various non professional  / professional cameras to learn the ideal shooting settings to always capture that perfect image. Also get a chance to film your own content (anything you want, want to re-create an epic star wars light-saber battle? Learn Green Screen / keying to create and put yourself in 3D worlds? The options are endless!) - $100 an hour (1-2x a month)
Video lessons for Essential Video, and Content Creation (one time download of 30 step by step videos to teach you)- $200

All People who subscribe to a monthly or Six month course will receive a license to use the Adobe Creative Cloud (only good for the class duration, upon completion you may transfer your account to your own name / billing)

Opportunities to be a part of film shoots, and live performances hosted at LBCAC.


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